My iPod #43: Hyper – Ant Music

Oh my god. Year 8 was one of the best school years of my life.

You didn’t care about anything, I wasn’t in the youngest year anymore, we had no real exams to worry about, I turned thirteen years old. I have so many things I could list; I wouldn’t want to bore you with all my sentimental crap though. It was good times. Some gooood times.

Another thing that was great around the time was the freedom I had to play my PS2 for hours on end. I am a FIFA fanatic, I’m not like KSI or any of those gamers online, but I’ve been buying EA Sports’ yearly release since I was seven.

In 2005 EA Sports BIG, known for SSX, released its own FIFA game, ‘FIFA Street’. It was nothing like I ever played before. You could make your own team in the ‘career mode’ and recruit professional players to be on your team. This was when people like Zidane, the original Ronaldo…. All those legends were still playing. It was the best.

In fact it was so good that they released the sequel two years later, ‘FIFA Street 2’. The sequel had improved vastly from the first. The first game wasn’t even that bad, but the second was out of this world. The locations, the players, the music! The music!

That’s where this song comes in. ‘Ant Music’ is a cover of the song by Adam and the Ants. I have no idea what else I can say to you about Hyper. I probably won’t like their stuff, but this song became one of my favourites from the game.

The best thing was some of my friends also owned FIFA Street 2, so we would start bursting into song in lessons, at break, at lunch, when we were going home. All the time.

FIFA Street 2, I love you. Thank you for those memories.

Whatever you do, don’t buy FIFA Street 3 or the one that came out last year because those flopped like hell. Seriously. Don’t.

The playlist on this game has real quality, so I’m going to list my favourites. Me and my friends sang these everyday.

The Flaming Lips – The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
Lethal Bizzle – Kickback
The Subways – Rock and Roll Queen
Coldcut ft. Roots Manuva – True Skool
Sway – Flo Fashion
Killa Kela (I think that’s right) – Jawbreaker
Art Brut – Formed a Band
Pendulum – Hold Your Colour (Bi-Polar Mix)
End of Fashion – O Yeah
Editors – Munich
British Beef – Without Me
Swingfly – Something’s Got Me Started

Yep, that’s about it. Have fun listening to them!

Until next time.



Author: Jamie Kyei Manteaw

An English student at Coventry University who spends most days listening to music (old and new) and reading and writing about it, however informal it may be. And studying too, obviously.

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