My iPod #111: Muse – Bliss

I think this is the first Muse song to come up in this whole iPod thing I’m doing. That’s good. At least I can interest you with a story of how I came to like the band, and why so many of their songs have their spot on my Apple product.

The year was 2003. Muse were about to release their third album “Absolution”, and there was this new song of theirs…. something about running out of time. Of course I know it’s “Time Is Running Out”. I remember my sister liked the song a bit. I think they played the song on Top of the Pops and CD:UK and all those music shows. I remember seeing a glimpse of the video for “Sing for Absolution” on CD:UK, but I didn’t think it was that good. Not as good as “Time Is Running Out” anyway.

Fast forward three years later, and everyone was getting hyped for “Black Holes and Revelations”. “Supermassive Black Hole” was the hot shit, and it was on MTV2 that there were countless repeats of older Muse videos. Now that I was eleven, I could actually absorb what I was listening to. I was much more interested in music, and mostly spent my time watching MTV2. I realised that Muse weren’t too bad. They were pretty awesome. They make good songs. This is where Bliss comes in.

The “Bliss” video features the lead singer Matt Bellamy falling through the earth, whilst Dom and Chris look on, until he eventually falls out the other side into space and then disintegrates into the unknown. I thought the video was cool, the rapid camera changes and the focus on Matt’s flailing T-shirt really captures the urgency of the song. It’s got a belter of a chorus, and is driven along nicely by Christopher Wolstenholme’s bass – much like various other songs on “Origin of Symmetry”, the album on which the song was on when it was released as the band’s second album in 2001.

Yep. Apart from Arctic Monkeys, Muse was the band that got people talking in 2006. It was a good time to be alive.

Until tomorrow.



Author: Jamie Kyei Manteaw

An English student at Coventry University who spends most days listening to music (old and new) and reading and writing about it, however informal it may be. And studying too, obviously.

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