My iPod #207: The Raconteurs – Consoler of the Lonely


Sorry for the late post, I had started writing at around seven and then some events occurred which prevented me from finishing it… But here it is.

First day of the new year but the posting doesn’t stop. You think I would take a day off for this momentous occasion? You is stupid. I would never do that. Even though I am at my friend’s place and easily could have missed today. But I feel as if it would have been a waste to let this day go without making a mark on it, so here we go.

I bought “Consolers of the Lonely” in 2008 just because I really liked “Salute Your Solution” and wanted to listen to it on repeat without waiting for it to appear on MTV2. That resulted in me a skipping the almost title track when I first got the album. That was a silly mistake.

I did have a reason as to why I did. The slow guitar introduction did not impress me so I skipped the whole song altogether, not knowing that the song actually changed into a full-on hard rock tune.

Something that I really liked about the first single from the album was the change of the band’s sound. I know that’s said for a lot of artists, but compared to “Broken Boy Soldiers” which sounded like a band writing their tracks and then recording them in a small studio, “Consolers of the Lonely” was the sound of a band ready to take on the biggest festivals and fill the largest stadiums.

With the track beginning on a quiet note, a bunch of studio chatter and aforementioned guitar I wasn’t expecting much. That was until the count-in from the drumsticks appeared and the real song began. The first chord accompanied with the pounding rhythm section hit me like a ton of bricks. It sounded so good. Brendan Benson’s vocals sound as rich as ever, and work ever so well as the ‘lonely’ character as detailed in the album name.

Then the middle begins. The song slows down, and the guitar from the introduction is the backbone of it. Very clever! So it wasn’t some sort of random lick that they just threw in, it actually has purpose. Jack White strides in as the ‘consoler’ as he offers the loner ‘something good to eat’ and slap-bang we’re back to the pumping verses again.

It’s all done really smoothly. This song is one containing a lot of changes. The best one is saved for the last minute when the song suddenly gains pace and the band execute one of the best breakdowns I have out of all the songs I have on my Apple product.


Author: Jamie Kyei Manteaw

An English student at Coventry University who spends most days listening to music (old and new) and reading and writing about it, however informal it may be. And studying too, obviously.

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