My iPod #11: Daft Punk – Aerodynamic

Hi everybody, I just finished listening to ‘The Battle of Los Angeles’ and I completely forgot that it was blogging time.

So, Daft Punk…… where can I begin?

I haven’t really come to this blog with any ideas. I’m not an avid follower of their music but from what I sense from reviewers their albums ‘Homework’ and ‘Discovery’ are their best ones, and ‘Human After All’… not so much.

For me, Discovery is the absolute shit. Somehow it just brings out a huge gigantic hand, grabs you by the balls and squeezes until you just can’t take it no more. I only really listened to it in 2010. That was nine years too late.

‘Aerodynamic’ is the second song on the album, between album opener ‘One More Time’ and ‘Digital Love’ and it all segues together seamlessly. After the epic party starter of ‘OMT’, a huge bell brings everything to a stand still, a sense of doom and foreboding. All of a sudden the beat starts like a punch in the face, and you find yourself Spongebobbing and pop-lock ‘n’ droppin’ all over.

That part lasts for 30 seconds or so.

And then……. the solo. THE SOLO. The most unexpected bloody awesome guitar solo that you could come across in a ‘house, techno’ whatever the hell album.  If you listen to the song for the first time, it’s just a total surprise. Where the fuck does it come from?

I thought it was a copy of some classical music composer’s work, but Daft Punk don’t acknowledge them. So I can only assume they made it up. Which is even more crazy.

I’m not a very good music analyser or anything. I’m not a music reviewer guy at all. I’m just giving my opinions on the songs I have on my iPod. But that is just one of many highlights on the album.

The aforementioned bell brings an end to the middle section. Then everything cools down, synthesisers start playing the melody of the solo and it’s very relaxing. It’s a major comedown after the solo, and the doom bell rings again and ‘Digital Love’ begins. But you will all have to experience it for yourselves.

Now… when I was younger I saw the video for ‘One More Time’, it didn’t make very much sense to me. Why were there cartoon people playing the songs? Why were they blue? Why was everyone blue?

I then found out that it was all part of a movie. ‘Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem’ is its name. For those who don’t know, the movie has no dialogue, only ‘Discovery’ playing over it. I’ll tell you…. it gave me a totally different understanding of the album. It is actually great.
Until next time.

My iPod #10: be your own PET – Adventure

I miss be your own PET.

2006 was the year. That’s it. It was the best year. Ever. For me.

I was eleven. Last year of primary school. Arctic Monkeys released their first album, The Strokes had released First Impressions of Earth, Billy Talent released Billy Talent II, The Fratellis, The Killers…….. Muse….. my god. I practically watched MTV2 everyday, there was so much good music at the time.

The first song I heard by be your own PET was ‘Damn Damn Leash’, but that’s for a blog much later in time. But it was ‘Adventure’ that actually managed to get into the UK charts at a place of #36. That’s pretty sick. Barely anything credible would be able to get a spot like that nowadays.

be your own PET was the newest band around. Yeah Yeah Yeahs comparisons were slippin’ n’ slidin’ all over the media. And why not? They both have female lead singers, and they make rockin’ music.

‘Adventure’ was the first single of the band’s debut album, which was very well received by critics. The album itself is not one filled with solos, or intricate guitar playing, (you wouldn’t really expect that from a punk/indie band), but it is definitely one that should be blasted at full volume out of your speakers. Or at least into your ears. All of the songs are able to fit into that category. Screw your neighbours. Just do it.

The video for Adventure is quite weird. That’s what I thought of it when I saw it for the first time. But that is when I decided that Jemina Pearl was fit. So all in all it was fine.

be your own PET split up in 2008 after two albums 😦

But I will remember the band for the good songs that those albums provided, especially in 2006.

Until next time.



My iPod #9: Kanye West – Addiction

You may not have thought that this would happen due to the types of songs that I have blogged about already…. and because of the fact that he can be quite the douchebag.

But you have to admit, that douchebag can make some good hits. Mhm mhm.

‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ may be the people’s favourite of his work; for me ‘Late Registration’ and ‘The College Dropout’ remind me of those good times when he wasn’t that egotistical, and when I liked music that played on the radio and Top of the Pops.

That was only 5 or 6 years ago, so what the fuck happened?! I barely like anything that’s in the charts now.

My sister got Late Registration around the time that it had been recently released. She really liked ‘Gold Digger’, so she went to Woolworths and got it one day.

I didn’t like hip hop so much when I was ten. All of my albums that I actually owned were mostly indie stuff, and Green Day was the band that I was really into then. American Idiot was the shit, man. Especially when I was ten.

We Major‘ andDrive Slow aren‘t on my iPod, but my sister would blast those songs out of the computer speakers endlessly. The singles, Diamonds from Sierra Leone‘, ‘Gold Digger’, ‘Touch the Sky‘ and ‘Heard ‘em Say’, I had obviously already seen or heard.

It was when I started my YouTube channel that I really paid to all of the songs on Late Registration. Hardly any of the songs by Kanye West were on the site, (this was back in 2008), so I took it upon myself to upload the album onto the site.

‘Addiction’ is about well…….. what do you think?

Why everything that’s s’pose to be bad, make me feel so gooood?
Everything they told me not to is exactly what I woooould.
I tried to stop, man, I tried the best I could but yoooooou (make me smiiiiiiiiiiile)”

That‘s another thing too. It‘s got a great sample. Kanye is known for a lot of sampling. A lot. And this is one out of a million that works really well. And sampling can go baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

Until next time.


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My iPod #8: Blink-182 – Adam’s Song

Hey everybody, everybody hey.

The year was 2005. My mum was driving me to my 11+ tutors house. And the news came up on the radio….. that Blink-182 had just split up.

How did I feel? I don’t think I cared, I was only ten at the time. In fact, I wasn’t even listening at the time. I only heard something about Blink-182, and then ‘I Miss You’ started to play. It was only later that I realised, when the video for ‘Not Now’ started showing on MTV.

I had probably first heard Blink-182 when I was about four due to ‘All the Small Things’, but at the time I would have had no idea who it was by. And I think I liked ‘The Rock Show’ too…. but really I can’t remember. Let’s just say I had a vague idea of who they were.

I think the first video I ever sat down and watched on the TV was the one for ‘Always’. I liked that song, and the girl in it was hot too, so it was a win-win situation. I was probably nine.

But anyway, back to ‘Adam’s Song’.

The video for ‘Not Now’, as you may or may not know, is basically clips of all of their past music videos from ‘Dammit’ to ‘Always’ and miscellaneous footage of antics on tour.

Clips from the video for ‘Adam’s Song’ appear in the video, and I had never really watched Blink videos before. I knew they had a thing for being naked, but I wondered what else they had.

Back then, YouTube didn’t exist. I watched videos on this site Yahoo owned called ‘Launchcast’ or ‘UK Launch’ where you could customise your own radio based on your favourite bands and watch music videos for free. It was good shit. It’s gone now, but at the time I had never been on any other site like it.

‘Adam’s Song’ gives you a strong dose of mood whiplash if you’re listening to ‘Enema of the State’, the album the song is on.

Blink are known for really fast, and poppy punk rock songs with bass chords, brilliant drumming, and tag-team vocals between Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus. Especially by Tom DeLonge.

But here….. you basically have a song about suicide. Which isn’t cool. The song is cool. But suicide is not.

The video is pretty tame compared to other Blink videos too. There are no midgets playing instruments and there’s not an arse in sight. It’s a performance video with a few still-photo flashbacks, but it is a much more serious video.

Maybe that’s what made me like it. It’s not my favourite song of theirs, but it was quite different to anything that I had heard from them.

It’s all fine though, on the album it’s followed by ‘All the Small Things’, and in video chronology terms the video for ‘Man Overboard’ was released after this one. And that video is funny as shit!

Until next time.


My iPod #7: The Beatles – Across the Universe

“Let it A.. Let it B, Let it C… Let it D! Let it F-G-H-I-K… douba-wubba-wubba U-G!”

Say what you want about The Beatles. “Pfff…. they’re so overrated, what did Paul McCartney ever do for me?” or “I’m only 8 years old, and I’ve listened to The Beatles allllll my liiiiife.” :/

Well, whatever you do say I don’t care. All I know is that The Beatles are included a lot on my iPod. There will probably be a few songs of theirs coming up in this ‘A’ series of “My iPod” that I’m doing.

Seeing as this the first of many Beatle songs that I have, I should probably start with when I really began to start listening to them and eventually became a victim of their continuing legacy that carries on throughout the years.

It started back in July 2009…. I had my YouTube channel (it was called jamzftw but it got removed so don’t try and look for it). On there, I would just a whole bunch of albums that I liked, upload them and watch the views roll in.

Now here’s something that may sound stupid to you…. I didn’t actually think that The Beatles were real. Hahaha ha ha ha hahahaha I know! Silly, right?

But I had always heard about the hype about Sgt. Pepper, and how it was the best album ever according to….. everyone in the world, really.

So I wondered what all the hubbub was about and downloaded it. Just to see what was so good.

I was 14 at the time. And at the time, I wasn’t really impressed. I didn’t know that they originally sang ‘With a Little Help from My Friends’, the end chord at the end of ‘A Day in the Life’ was cool and the only song that I got into was ‘Good Morning, Good Morning’ out of all of them. And it’s still my favourite now.

I uploaded the album onto YouTube. And that was it.

A few months later, VH1 Classic started this programme called Beatlemania. I think this was due to the 09/09/09 remasters coming out, but at the time I didn’t know that this was happening.

That was the first time that I had actually witnessed their music videos on the TV. MTV2 never showed them, and this was when MTV still showed music instead of reality television. I saw ‘Hey Bulldog’ for the first time, ‘Penny Lane’ and ‘The Night Before’ among others.

To cut a long story short, I downloaded all their albums. Let It Be was probably the last one. I would say that ‘Across the Universe’ is a favourite of mine from the album, and the better version out of those on ‘Past Masters‘ and ‘Let It Be… Naked‘.

I really like The Beatles. I’m glad that I found out that they actually existed.

Until next time.


My iPod #6: Oasis – Acquiesce

Yeah, that is the official video for the song.

OK. So it’s 2006. I’m eleven years old and have just started secondary school. But nothing really matters during that time. I could go to school, come back home and watch as much TV or play games on my PS2 for hours on end, without having to worry about anything. No exams. Nothing.

I can’t remember the very first time I saw the video for ‘Acquiesce’. But I was probably very confused as why it was following a Japanese Liam Gallagher guy practising to impersonate the real Liam Gallagher through karaoke until he finally gets to do the real thing on stage. It didn’t make any sense.

Normally at the beginning of a video that showed on MTV2 UK, it would show the artist name, song name, and album name. ‘Stop the Clocks’ was the name of the new compilation that was coming out at the time. And the video was repeated endlessly on the music channel, and I ended up really liking it. You’ve got the rare moment with Liam and Noel both at lead vocals, and even though it was because Liam couldn’t reach the high notes in the chorus, it stills works really well.

Could  you imagine Liam singing it? “‘CAUSSE WE BELLLIEEIEEVVEBVEHEEEUH.”

No thanks.

But yeah, I didn’t have an Oasis album before, so Stop the Clocks was a good place to start.

Until next time.


My iPod #5: Lostprophets – AC Ricochet

So here we go again. Another time but it feels the same. Got sick of waiting heeeeeeeere.

Hey guys, how’s it going?

Just want to say thanks to whoever has found this blog and had a look at it. I only have 235 pageviews, but it’s nice to know that people are actually seeing it.

Lostprophets…… I don’t know what I can really say about them. One minute they’ll have a really solid album, i.e. Start Something, and then come up with something that was quite below par for me. That would be Liberation Transmission. I haven’t listened to Weapons, but I heard ‘Bring ’em Down’ and ‘We’ll Bring an Arsenal’, and I wasn’t very impressed by them. So I may just give it a pass. Too many ‘gang vocals’ for me.

So in late 2009 when I was reading all this news about how the band was gonna sound harsher, darker and edgier than before, I was really looking foward to it. The name ‘The Betrayed’ sounded very bold. And the artwork….. Well, nothing said ‘this is a dark album’ more than that album cover.

I download it from, begin listening to it on iTunes…. and it was like Start Something Lostprophets never left. The guitars were all over the place, noodling solos everywhere with a bit of ballad here and there. Choruses to sing at the top of your lungs. Even the interludes were back! The interludes! SHIT.

The best thing was that I downloaded before the link went down, I think, and it was the Japanese edition which had this song, ‘Sunshine’ and the hidden instrumental, ‘The Storm Is Coming…’ on there too.

AC Ricochet is one of my favourite songs from that version of the album. It’s a great contrast when you listen to this and ‘A Better Nothing’ comes on straight after with the piano. A very good listening experience. I think it was crazy that it was left off the UK edition.

Was ‘The Betrayed’ even released in the US? If it hasn’t, just get the Japanese version. It’s really the best one.

I’m not so sure about Lostprophets now… after all that stuff with Ian… and…. well you know.

Until next time.