So…. it’s been a while.

I think the time’s come to dust the cobwebs off this place. As you can see I’ve changed the layout. It doesn’t look too bad, does it? The ‘Twenty Sixteen’ theme if anyone wants to know.

Hi, hello, what’s going on? My last post on here is dated the 6th August 2015. I think I remember stating in that blog that this place would go on a hiatus, and almost two years later I feel that the time has finally come for the break to end – now that I’ve finally finished university and gained some work experience along the way.

To the 50 followers who I somehow still have on here. Thanks for holding out. You probably forgot this existed anyway. To anyone new who’s just stumbled upon this, Hi! The name’s Jamie. I could do a post detailing to a tee everything that has happened to me in the 23 months I’ve been away from here. I won’t do that. Instead, I’ll shorten it into three main points. These may still take up a large majority of the page.

Pretty much after my last post, I worked at world music magazine Songlines for a year. It was fun and very valuable. Never really worked before, but I’m glad I ended up working there. Got an album review published, actually interviewed an artist, got to go to Glastonbury for free. Was very sweet. Was needed that I got some proper office experience down on the CV, you know?

What then followed was a month’s holiday in the USA with my two good friends on a route of Orlando – Miami – Chicago – LA – San Francisco – New York, with a little road-trip up the West Coast betwene LA and San Fran. That was a trip…. We’ll leave it at that.

My final year of university started last September. Ended in May. A month of waiting for final results passed. I guess you’ll be pleased to know that you’re reading the words of a first class English graduate right here. Yeah. I know, right? Didn’t expect it. Chuffed is the word to say the least.

And that’s all from me. A lot of people didn’t make it to this day. But it’s here. I hope I can keep up the rate I had when I was last here. 22 now, time is passing.

‘My iPod’ shall come back. I’ll try and throw in some new things here and there too. Anything that can get me writing properly again. Ooh actually, I did write a blog for a module I had to do concerning how to be confident when delivering a presentation?¬†You can have a look at that if that tickles your fancy.


Pangaea + Parklife 2015

Alright, so it has now been a week since I left for Manchester to go to the annual Pangaea and Parklife festivals that take place there. I’ve had enough time to recuperate, get myself back together, and come to terms with the fact that the weekend is over and that I shall have to wait another year (maybe more) until I return to it again.

How was it, you may be asking? It was great. Had such a fun time. Not just because of all the great acts I was able to see over the four days, but also because I got to spend the time with a lot of amazing people. Having a friend who is into the same music as yourself, and is currently studying in a location that is home to some of the biggest events and musical talents in general does have its benefits.

PanJun15.LineUp.FoyerSlideSo the festivities began last Thursday with the Pangaea Festival, a night organised and situated within the university’s student union. Honestly, I was not as bothered about who was playing there as much as I was for Parklife. In fact, I really only knew that Sister Sledge was there prior to leaving for Manchester on the day. Still, becoming inebriated and dancing/singing along to “We Are Family” and a range of other soul classics did not sound like a bad idea. The positive vibes and atmosphere was too much that I didn’t take any videos of it; there was a brief Snapchat video here and there, but I didn’t want to spend time on my phone recording. It was all about experiencing the stuff there and then. It wouldn’t be the same looking at a video. It would be too sad to reminisce. Plus, you had to be there if you really wanted to enjoy as much as I did. Erol Alkan and Simian Mobile Disco were cool to witness too; I had no idea they were there until my friend mentioned them to me on the day. Videos would have helped to allow a recollection of songs they played – I’m sorry about that – but those of you who have seen them will know how good live acts they both are.

There are plenty of pictures. But those are just of me and my friends over there with our afros, glitter and other accessories – the night had a “Disco Apocalypse” theme which didn’t really work, I dressed up in the same costume as I did last year – and I will never let you see ’em. Never! Haha. Though you’ll probably be able to find them on Facebook if you are having those stalking urges.

A well deserved break was taken on the Friday. There was a barbecue. It was needed, because we all knew the next two days would be something to remember. Those two days were what me and my friend had been waiting for since at least February when the acts were announced. It was finally time.

Parklife-2015I want to tell you everything that happened this weekend. Especially the events of Saturday and Sunday. But most of it is a bit of a blur. And I feel that it would take up too much time. To sum up actually getting there: what was meant to be a swift commute by tram from Manchester Piccadilly to Heaton Park turned into the group abandoning the whole idea because the tram was rammed with people and getting a cab there instead. We got there much later than we were supposed to. But it was all good. The weather was so much better than it was last year, and we were just grateful that we got there in time for the people we really wanted to see. Personally I was left just a tad disappointed. Just a bit. Not so much that I really cared about it.

The guys I saw on Saturday were: Novelist, Justin Martin, Mac DeMarco, SiriusModeselektor, Wu Tang Clan, Jamie xx, and Seth Troxler.

All in all, was a great day. Met a lot of people having a good time. I did see a bit of Mac DeMarco, but a lot less of him than what I wanted to see. I did get to see him play “Salad Days“, “Still Together“, “The Stars Keep on Calling My Name“, and a bit of “Freaking Out the Neighborhood“, but he was on at the same time as Justin Martin who my friend wanted to see. So I conceded, and went with him to watch. Justin Martin was still cool though. There will be plenty of times to see Mac in the future.

I am sorry to say, however, that the real disappointment – which I still can’t get over because it baffles me that much – was the Wu-Tang. “WHAT?!” I hear you cry. Yeah. I know. Missing the RZA, Raekwon, and Method Man, the Clan weren’t able to perform up to the standards that I was expecting them too months in advance. This was on the Main Stage too, and I exchanged disappointed looks with my friend Dhillon who was just as perplexed as I was at what was going on. The sound wasn’t good, there was no bass, the crowd was tame as anything, and the group didn’t help themselves by dedicating five minutes of time to the DJ who failed to impress with his scratching and tricks on his turntables. It was a shame. I asked a fellow member of the crowd if he was disappointed in what has occurring, with a fake smile he replied “Can you see it on my face?” Enough said. At least I can say I’ve seen the Wu. Probably just not for the right reasons.

Sunday was a beautiful day. The journey there was a lot quicker than the day before, and the sun was out for a longer period of time too. There were a lot less acts on the last day that I was bothered about seeing, but I had to see Madlib and Nas. Just because they are who they are. Apparently Madlib played some new Madvillainy, which I am a bit pissed about as I was not there to see it. But he did play some J Dilla, and some stuff from his recent work with Freddie Gibbs which was amazing to hear. Actually, I’ll just give you a list of who I saw:

Patrick Topping, Madlib, Hudson Mohawke, David Rodigan, George Fitzgerald, Kaytranada (bangin’), Nas (I say I saw him, I saw a bit of his last song before DJ EZ, who owned it on the same stage), Calyx & Teebee

Alright, so I didn’t fully get to see Nas. A shame as he was performing Illmatic… but I think he’ll milk it for a 30th anniversary tour in nine years. I don’t mind waiting.

Both my good mate and I agreed that it was unbelievable that it has been a year since the last Parklife. Time has really flown by. It was a great weekend, and I am lucky to be acquainted with a whole bunch of great people who made my time there the best that it could be. Love ’em to bits. Take me back, please.


That’s all I have to say on that. For followers, I’m sorry there hasn’t been posts on here for the past week. I think above should explain why. Normal work on here should resume from Monday onward. A bit lethargic at the moment to do a daily thing this week. Though I am feeling a lot better than I was at this point last year which is awesome. I’ll be back.



It is September. The sky gets more grey day after day, the temperature decreases, the leaves turn from a bright, tropical green to a rusty brown. The end of another year looms upon us. Change is coming, yet everything around us is changing as the clock ticks.

What am I talking about? I am not really sure myself. Some stream of consciousness for you right there.

Seriously though, how are you all doing? Hope you’ve all had a good summer. You followers may be wondering what I was doing in the month that I’ve been away from here. I can honestly say that I did not get up to anything much. Am I disappointed? Yeah. I saw my friends occasionally which was cool, but didn’t partake in anything that made me feel useful. Spent a lot of the holiday in my house listening to music, generally. But overall, I am well. That is really all that matters.

Blogs will start again soon, I promise you. Been thinking of doing one one the fifth year anniversary of The Beatles 09/09/09 remasters. Though I haven’t prepared for it, or started a draft. But that should be a good one. “My iPod” should follow soon after. How soon? I can’t answer that. But the F’s will come.



Exams……. Yeah.

Hi everybody.

Been quite a while since my last update.

This exam period gone so quickly, now I only have three left.

I have no idea how I’ve done so far. I think I’ve done okay, but there’s never been a point where I have been laughing in my head at how easy an exam has been.


On the 17th June I finish, and then ‘My iPod’ comes back. Unless I forget I something. But it will be an epic start to ‘B’. Yes.

I’ll talk to you guys soon, only two more weeks. Two more weeks…..



UPDATE: How you doin’…

Hi everyone.

Just a small update.

Had my first A2 exam today in Spanish for my speaking.

I feel like I did very well, the nerves crept up before right before I started but I slapped those cursed butterflies away.

I feel great.

My exam period officially starts on the 21st May, but getting one out of the way feels like a weight off my shoulders.


Enjoy this. These guys make me laugh, and check out their series on Machinima.

One of their best episodes in my opinion.

See you soon.