My iPod #556: Pull Tiger Tail – Hurricanes

Pull Tiger Tail were a band that deserved a lot better. Forming at the tail-end of the indie/post-punk revival of the mid-2000s, the trio went on to release a few singles that received airtime on the TV and got the media talking too.

“Hurricanes” was one of those singles, released in 2007. It was the band’s fourth and supposedly last one before the debut album that should have arrived soon after. Singer and guitarist Marcus Ratcliff wails about getting away from his hometown for a while with his significant other, expecting that nothing about it will change in their absence. To their surprise, a lot, in fact, does, making him think about how he has grown as a person.

By the end of 2007, the awaited album had not arrived. It was not out by the end of 2008 either. Because of various circumstances, PAWS. did not see the light of day until Autumn 2009, a time when Lady Gaga and Akon were popular in the charts. Indie bands, not so much unfortunately. The band split soon after.