My iPod #24: George Harrison – All Things Must Pass

Hello again.

So… the year is 2010. The Beatles: Rock Band had been released on the 9th September 2009, and I was already Beatles crazy, if you want more information see Across the Universe.

By the year 2010 started, I had downloaded Sgt. Pepper, Revolver, Abbey Road and Let It Be. I then went on to download more of their albums as the year progressed.

I received The Beatles: Rock Band as a present for Christmas 2009. I originally wanted my cousin to get it for me, so when my mum, sister and I went to her house, I would know what what be in that huge box covered in wrapping paper. It turned out she wasn’t able to get it. She did, however, get me a Sgt. Pepper mug. I didn’t want a mug. I wanted The Beatles Rock Baaaaaaaand 😦 Of course I couldn’t complain to her. I was still quite depressed though.

My mum got it for me instead. It was the limited edition, with the postcards, the drums with the Beatles skin, and the Hofner controller. It was happy times, I played almost every day the first week I got it.

I had no friends to play with though. Not a lot of people in my school had a Wii….. or cared about The Beatles. Yes, I did get the Wii version. But only because I didn’t have a PS3 or XBox at the time.

I have a PS3 now. If anyone wants to add me, my PSN is ‘Kyei-ManJamie’ 😀

I’ve been going on for quite a while now. I am going to tell you why the song is on my iPod. All in due time.

I probably searched for ‘The Beatles: Rock Band’ in Google one day, because I found the Rock Band Forums which had its own TBRB sub-forum. I joined that shit, and spoke with everyone about how much I loved the game.

One particular thread that caught my eye was the Community Mash-up album thread, I am the member ‘jamzftw’ by the way, and basically it was just an fan album influenced by ‘LOVE‘, the soundtrack album released in 2006.

This will probably be my longest blog.

So, to put things short, that album was completed and I practically went on a one man mission to complete the second.

At that point I was into The Beatles music, and their solo efforts too.

Before I knew Spotify existed, I used to stream my music for free. I had ‘Imagine’ and ‘John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band’ already on the computer, and I found out that ‘All Things Must Pass’, George Harrison’s cathartic debut release, was the highest-selling out of all the ex-Beatles members.

What an album it is. It has so many great songs, ranging from large-‘stadium’ rockers e.g. Wah-Wah to gospel-churchy efforts e.g. Awaiting on You All. It must have been a relief for Harrison to get all his material out after years of being overshadowed by Lennon/McCartney. It absolutely deserves the five star, 10/10 reviews that it got in 1970 and the continued praise it receives today.

‘All Things Must Pass’ is a very hopeful song about death. Don’t look at death with a sense of foreboding, when it’s time to go…. it’s time to go. Don’t be scared. Sunrise doesn’t last all morning. A cloud burst doesn;t last all day. It’s not always going to be this grey. All Things Must Pass away.

R.I.P. George Harrison

Until next time.



The Strokes new album ‘Comedown Machine’ is released next week.

It is available to stream on Pitchfork Media.

I listened to it earlier today.

I also have to say, if you aren’t a fan of ‘Angles’ then you probably won’t be much a fan of this new album. You could probably label it as ‘Angles Part II’.

When ‘One Way Trigger‘ first came out earlier this year, I wasn’t really into it. Listening to it again today, I still couldn’t bear to hear Julian Casablancas’ falsetto vocals. It’s just not something that suits him.

Then ‘All the Time‘ was released around Valentine’s Day, and that was the one where I thought, ‘Yeah! This is good! It’s like old Strokes blah blah blah.’ It was like how ‘Under Cover of Darkness’ went down with almost everyone. ‘All the Time’ just sounds more Strokes-y to me.

However, people who want that old Strokes sound back will probably be waiting for an eternity. Yes ‘Is This It’ and ‘Room on Fire’ are albums that can’t be beat. But that was ten-twelve years ago, dudes.

The Strokes have changed their sound and will probably continue to carry on changing it for years to come. We will all have to face this fact. Besides, we should take this album into open arms, cradle it, share it with friends. Strokes fan should appreciate it. I am a Strokes fan, I’ve only listened to it once. Who knows? It may just be my new favourite after another listen. Maybe.

I bet their next album will be released early days of 2016.

Until next, next time.