My iPod #554: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Hump de Bump

“Hump de Bump” was the fifth and final single from Red Hot Chili Peppers’ double album, Stadium Arcadium. Released in Spring 2007 the song was accompanied by a video directed by Chris Rock, depicting Anthony, John, Chad and Flea at a block party on the Everybody Hates Chris set. The video was played a lot; the song stayed in my head. Though it is a mystery as to what Anthony Kiedis is singing about. He has this thing where he can make up random phrases or take these abstract ideas and make them fit with the music. ‘Hump de Bump’ is a prime example. I think it is safe to assume that it is about sex somehow. Most songs by RHCP are.

The track is funky, I give it that. The verses are carried by the alternation of abrupt bass chords and picky guitar lines which eventually come together during the choruses. There’s a particular part during those where Flea and John play the same melody in unison that makes for smooth listening. Flea also plays the trumpet during the last few choruses and the track also features a ‘tribal’ instrumental break using percussion with a sound similar to that of the trash can lids and scrap metal in “Breaking the Girl“.

Though it isn’t one of the best Chili Pepper singles, it is still a good track. The video makes it a better listen. Where else will you see Anthony Kiedis wearing ‘grillz’? Won’t happen ever again.


My iPod #164: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Can’t Stop

I used to always become bored before the song started when I saw the video on Kerrang! After seconds of wondering and waiting to see what would be at the end of the yellow tube, just to see Anthony’s face was very disappointing. I would change the channel just as the guitar began to play.

That changed when I finally gave in and decided to watch what followed. A lot of random, surrealistic events occur. Flea plays the bass whilst wearing a fake hippo head, Chad balances a huge container on his finger. It’s all very fascinating. Watch it for yourselves.

“Can’t Stop” was the third single from “By the Way”. The combination of the funky, rap driven verses, reminiscent of the band’s earlier work, and the melodic, sweet choruses which the band had been focusing on for their more recent albums of that time established the song as a favourite for many of their dedicated fans. Including me. I truly enjoy this song too.


My iPod #155: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication

The title track from the band’s seventh album in 1999. It is a very serious and observational song, detailing the ‘dark side of Hollywood and the export of culture through the movie industry’ according to Wikipedia. Its minor key does not make things sound better either. Especially when the Frusciante’s guitar and Flea’s bass play off one another in the breaks between the verses and the chorus. It sounds very lonely and bare.

With that being said, have you seen the video for this track? It is so amazing. The first time I saw it I did not take in the message of the song at all because I was so immersed in the animation. I want a game like this. I want to play as a Chili Pepper and swim through seas, fall through the earth and watch the world pass me by on a giant dragonfly. One can only dream.

Of course it may not seem as cool now, but I imagine that when the video first came out a lot of people were impressed. Kudos to Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, who have directed many other videos by the band.



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My iPod #153: Red Hot Chili Peppers – By the Way

Well, here I am. The end of another letter. It’s the end of ‘B’. I’ve been doing this since the day I finished my A-Levels, and now I’m in university. That’s crazy. It’s weird to think about. It seems very fitting for it to end on this note.

When will ‘C’ start? God only knows. I wouldn’t say this is the end of “My iPod”, but I can’t see a point in the near future when I’ll start writing about my favourite songs in alphabetical order. It’s a shame. It will be back… soon. Hopefully.


The video for this song is now censored when it plays on “MTV Rocks” in the UK. It takes out all the best scenes too. Why?! I don’t get it.

“By the Way” was the Chili Peppers’ first single and title track of the band’s eighth album in 2002. The song proved to be very popular in the USA and the UK reaching number one in the many charts they have in the former, and number two in the latter.

The music video features Dave Sheridan (Officer Doofy) who kidnaps Anthony Kiedis with his taxi, a lot of other shit happens, Anthony escapes and Sheridan picks up Chad Smith at the end. It’s action-packed to say the least. If you haven’t seen it, it’s probably one of the best videos that accompanies the tone and mood of the song.

The song initially trolls you with its quiet, Scar Tissue-esque introduction before launching into a pumping combat/style instrumental break driven by Flea’s bass and Anthony’s rapping before launching into the uprising chorus. It’s brilliant stuff to listen to.

I guess that’s it. I’ll see you when I see you. I hope you’ll be waiting for……… me.


My iPod #131: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Breaking the Girl


I’m very happy. Today marks the first time I make a blog from my new laptop.

No more will I have to suffer with the forever slow and freezing mess that is the family desktop. If you guys want a laptop, ASUS is the way to go. Forget Dell. My sister has a Dell laptop that’s basically falling apart. Whether that’s due to the manufacturer or if my sister abused it I’m not sure. I know that I’m not messing this mine up though.

Now with that intro out of the way, is this my first Red Hot Chili Peppers post? Because I’m pretty sure I haven’t touched upon one song of theirs. They probably don’t have a lot of songs beginning with the letter ‘A’ that I know of. Except for “Aeroplane” of course.

So… Red Hot Chili Peppers….. Ah! “Fight Like a Brave”. That was the first song I’d ever heard by them, thanks to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3. When they released “By the Way” in 2002, I had no idea that it was the band who wrote that song until I actually looked at the in-game menu.

In 2002, I wasn’t really into music. Being six/seven at the time, I was either incessantly up at early hours in the morning to watch Cartoon Network or Thomas the Tank Engine videos. 2006 was the year that I can actually remember the build up towards a Red Hot Chili Peppers album, which we all know is the double album “Stadium Arcadium”.

I can remember it now, the video for “Dani California” premiered at midnight on Channel 4. It was then played every hour on MTV2 the next day. My sister and I liked it. She had a friend who liked the band, who then gave her the “Greatest Hits” album. This is where “Breaking the Girl”comes in.

The song became a favourite of my sister’s. I recall not liking the song as much as the others though. I thin it was the fact that amongst the others on the compilation, this was a tune that I had actually never heard before. Even when I did listen to it, I found it… boring.

However when I downloaded “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” a few months ago, I found myself wailing along to the chorus and air drumming to the trash-can percussion in the instrumental break. I loved it. “Breaking the Girl” isn’t boring at all. The eleven-year old me was a silly child. If you are going to write a song about a meaningful relationship that went wrong and you feel as if you are to blame, you probably wouldn’t want to make it a funky jam as the Peppers normally did around that time. Something more melodic will do. This is that song you want to write. Yes.

Well, until tomorrow you guys.