My iPod #558: System of a Down – Hypnotize

2005 marked the return of Armenian-American alternative metal band System of a Down; three years after 2002’s Steal This Album! came the double Mezmerize/Hypnotize album, with the first half released in the spring and the second following a few months later.

“Hypnotize” is the title track of the second half, and funnily enough includes both album titles within its lyrics. The majority of songs created in the Mezmerize/Hypnotize sessions featured a bigger presence of songwriter and guitarist Daron Malakian on lead vocals; “Hypnotize” is no exception. He and Serj Tankian alternate every other line before singing in harmony for the song’s innocent chorus. I say innocent because despite the ominous and daunting presence of propaganda by the media, the narrator is only concerned with waiting for his girl to arrive whilst sitting in his car.

The song is actually one of the slowest on the album, though it catches you by surprise when – with just over a minute to go – rumbling tom-toms and a boosted guitar line signify a change in tempo before a Latin-South Eastern European style solo sets up the climactic ending.


And that is it for the H’s. It has been a grueling two months or so, but it’s finally done. As for when the I’s will start, I can’t say. I’ve got myself a job, and I’m looking forward to starting it next Wednesday. This puts the blog in a very strange position.

This may be the start of a very blank period on here.

If that is the case, keep yourself entertained with the many other posts on here.

This is not the end. Maybe just a hiatus.

We’ll see.

See you guys later.


My iPod #187: System of a Down – Cigaro


…….. Where could I possibly start? How could I?

This song rocks; its subject matter is humorous as fuck. I don’t understand what is going on.

Still, “Cigaro” is definitely a highlight from “Mezmerize” for me. System of a Down can really produce some crazy material, and this track is up there as being one of the most… ‘special’ pieces that the band has produced.

I got “Mezmerize” for Christmas in 2009 and heard the song when I put the disc into my computer, so there’s not much I can tell you on how it has affected my life or so. It’s just a song that makes me laugh every time I hear it. You need to hear it.

My iPod #185: System of a Down – Chop Suey!

Ah, Chop Suey… I was confused as fuck when I saw the video for this. System of a Down freaked me out just a bit.

I change the channel and suddenly there are these half-naked guitarists pulling faces at the camera, a singer with a huge beard yelling, screaming and saying gibberish in the verses. Quite creepy. But I saw it again and again and wasn’t so perturbed by it anymore. In fact, the more I watched it the more I understood what the song was about. The more I liked it, too.

Back then, I probably thought the band members were just being weird. But it’s probably the passion they put into performing the song if anything. The video is pretty cool; the song is…… Well, I’ll just say if mood swings were to be composed into music then this is the piece captured in three and a half minutes.

“Chop Suey” was the first single from the band’s second album “Toxicity” in 2001. I did not hear the song until years after.

It is very hard to say exactly how I feel about the song. Only because a lot of things happen in it. If you haven’t heard it, where have you been?

But really if you haven’t heard it then you should watch it above because…. it is something.

My iPod #57: System of a Down – B.Y.O.B.

Nannaannananannnananananananaannanaanannnanananna YOU!

That was meant to be the introduction to the song, by the way.

Hi everyone! I’m in a good mood. I am now a free man, exams are finished, nothing’s gonna change my clothes until results day. Until then, I should probably get started with this again. It is time… for the B SERIES. YES! YES! COME ON!

So System of a Down…. what can I say?

In 2005 it had been three years since the band released their third album. I didn’t follow the band so much, so I had no idea that this album was even out. However, “Chop Suey!” and “Toxicity” were two songs of the band that I saw on MTV2 and, although the former’s video was quite weird and I was quite confused by the actual song, the band really rocked and I guess I wanted to hear more from them.

“B.Y.O.B.”, acronym for ‘Bring Your Own Bombs’, was released as the first single from Mezmerize, the first half of a double album that would be out by the end of the year. It is considered to be yet another of System of a Down’s trademark songs due its fast pace, contrasts between quiet and loud in the verses and chorus, and lines that you are able to shout out at the top of your lungs.

This was also their first single where Daron Malakian had lead vocals in the part of the song. I remember seeing the video when it first came out, and again I was confused at how the song randomly changed in the middle. They were singing about “having a real good time” and “going to the party” and then it was “BLAST OFF IT’S PARTY TIME, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU!!!!!!”. It was crazy. But it makes it that much awesome.

This is another song out of the hundreds in the world that are anti-war. I think this song depicts the message quite clearly. It is about how the government chat shite most the time and how much they suck. George Bush had been re-elected as president the year before, which I guess no one understood back then. So people were pissed. I’m thinking Serj and Daron pretty much felt the same way.

Why do they always send the poor? Why? WHY.

That was alright. It’s good to be back.

Until next time.



How did I do that? Yeezus. I might as well do them pretty quickly, and without focus.

George Harrison – Apple Scruffs

That is not the album version, but it’s pretty close.

Another song from ‘All Things Must Pass’. Not much to say about the song. I listened to the album back in 2011, and this song was one that caught my ear. Great harmonies in the chorus by Harrison, and a delightful tribute to the ‘Scruffs’ who would hang outside Abbey Road when The Beatles were there.

Very nice.

Nine Black Alps – Along for the Ride

OK, Nine Black Alps are one of my favourite bands ever.

They released their newest album “Sirens” last October, which you can listen to here.

“Locked Out from the Inside”, the album this song is on, was released in 2009 after the second album “Love/Hate”. I was dissappointed by the second album, because their first album was so good. So good. It’s one of my favourites. “Love/Hate” was just so mellow, and indie and using acoustic guitars. It was such a bore compared to “Everything Is”.

“Locked Out from the Inside” for me was a return to form. Their crunchy, rough Nirvana-esque sound was back, no acoustic guitars in sight. It just felt like everything was back to normal.

“Along for the Ride” is the penultimate song from the album. I think it’s about wanting a relationship, or being interested in someone. I don’t know, I don’t really look deep into lyrics. Even though I typed the lyrics up for every song and got them up on the Internet.

If you don’t know Nine Black Alps, listen to their stuff. Please.

Jamie, again.