My iPod #216: George Harrison – Crackerbox Palace

2011 marked ten years without George Harrison on this Earth and as a dedication, the BBC showed a new documentary detailing the musician’s life. It is very good, I recommend you see it if you haven’t.

The reason I talk about that is that there were these clips of Harrison, not during his days with The Beatles but what looked like in a time way after, joking around and goofing off with a lot of people in the gardens of his mansion.

What I thought were clips from a never-seen before film of George at his home, turned out to be clips taken from the music video for “Crackerbox Palace”, a song from his fifth solo album “Thirty-Three & 1/3“.

It took me a long time to find out where those video clips were from. Originally I saw the documentary in 2011, but didn’t see the “Palace” video until the summer of last year. I don’t know.

With a thunderous drum intro, the song suddenly starts with a Calypso-Carribean groove accompanied with a joyful slide guitar and fitful drums. Most of what you hear in the lyrics are based on actual events too, which may or may not be interesting to you.

Only feelings of happiness and loving life arise when I hear this song, and those are further increased when I see the video for it featuring cameos from Eric Idle, Neil Innes, and his wife who he had not yet married at that point.

All in all, fun tune.