My iPod #380: Big Boi ft. Vonnegutt – Follow Us

Honestly, I got nothing to say about this track. I heard it when I was listening through “Sir Lucious” for the first time, and it sounded like a highlight to me.

On a lot of tracks on the album, Big Boi is very boastful and is always eager to tell you just how sick he is. It is no different on this one, going on to compare his rhymes and rapping to a vicious pitbull attack and sending a message to those who thought he wouldn’t do so well solo without his Outkast partner Andr√© 3000. Well he proved them wrong, and along with fellow label act Vonnegutt (or at least that group’s lead singer) he calls to you to follow him and listen to this song and other good music in general, because that is the only way you will learn.

This is a good hip-hop song, from a great hip-hop album. Admittedly, I don’t know all the words to the verses and only sing along to the chorus…. but I still know good music when I hear it. This qualifies.


My iPod #27: Dananananaykroyd – All Us Authors

It is seven o’clock and you know what time it is!

So I’ve spent almost a month bleeding my heart out into these blogs, hoping that you like them and share them and whatever. It’s been quite fun.

If you are regularly viewing these posts and taking an interest in what I say, then I thank you very much. It would be silly to say that I expected more than 100 views a day. But that is what I thought I would be getting. The blog with the highest views is my third one, and that only has about 30.

I should probably understand that it takes a slow process to become popular. This isn’t like YouTube where you can just upload one thing and then suddenly get millions of views. I believe that blog sites are much more respectable, and certainly more peaceful. I would be happy with one sensible comment than with a tirade of those which don’t make any sense or annoy me to no end.

So, about the song. ‘All Us Authors’ is the second track of the band Danananananaykroyd’s second album, ‘There Is a Way’. That album was their last. Released in June 2011, they split up a few months after in November.

I was like a deer caught in headlights when it came to ‘There Is a Way’.¬† I think it was the day after I had finished my last exam for my GCSEs. A year of highs and hard work, I could forget everything that I had revised. I could stay in bed for ages, and not worry about anything until August. It was a good time to be alive.

I woke up about seven in the morning to tune into Channel 4 and watch the daily music programme ‘Freshly Squeezed’. That show’s not on anymore and understandably so, it got incredibly dull and I doubt that anyone really watched it at that time of day after The Hoobs had just finished.

Anyway, it was then that the show played the band’s new single, ‘Muscle Memory’, which led me to think “Shit! They have a new album, no way. Huh! I have to download it.”

I was already a fan of the band after listening to their debut “Hey Everyone!”. I’ll probably go into more depth on that in another post.

So, I downloaded it and listened to it the whole way through. Initially, this song was one that stuck in my mind. Maybe it was because of the unorthodox time signature in the verses, (10/4 I think), and the chorus, “Just when you got comfy”, which is firstly sung in the song, and then repeatedly yelled at the ending. It’s the second shortest song on the album, and for me was the first that sounded like a song that could have been released on their first album.

I can remember listening to the album and thinking that the band sounded much more fuller. Originally, the band made use of two drumkits in the songs on their first album, but the co-lead singer (who played one of those drums) broke his arm in two places during a gig and had to retire from that post. Also, they had a female bassist who left during the years between the two releases and was eventually replaced. The ‘fuller sound’ might have also been a result of their use of producer Ross Robinson, who has worked with bands ranging from The Cure to Korn.

‘There Is a Way’ is one of my favourite albums, and it’s a shame that the band split when they did. I feel that they could have achieved so much more, with just one more release! Ohhhhhh. People say the third album’s always the best right? Or third time’s a charm? Whatever. It’s just so energetic, the only time that there is time for a rest is in a minute long recording of a street after the song ‘Time Capsule’. That will also come in another blog. That’s won’t be on here anytime soon.

Until next time.